Into the Gloss: No Scrubs

January 03, 2013

My new favorite thing to the rescue! Earth Tu Face Salt Scrub. While I've gone to bat for Fresh's Sugar Scrubs in the past, I have fully converted to the saltier side. Earth Tu Face's comely glass jar holds a scrub made of pure, chunky grains of sea salt mixed with bergamot, lemon, and orange oils. By rubbing small fistfulls of the salt over your body, you're getting the exfoliating effect of rolling around on the beach for an hour (maybe in Sorrento?), stimulating circulation of your lymphatic system (an excuse I often make to justify regular massages, but no matter), and imparting a deeply moisturizing light glaze of essential oils, which remain on your skin post-rinse. You don’t feel greasy, you feel soft, good-smelling, and dare I say, almost edible—I mean,  I’ve rubbed down a chicken with sea salt before coating it in olive oil before. Ina Garten told me to. If only I’d noticed how beautiful its skin was looking! Join me, then, in imitating that chicken. You will never look back.

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September 24, 2012