Pure Wow: A Natural Beauty: A Locally Sourced Skin Care Line

January 19, 2013

You should never put on your skin what you wouldn’t put into your mouth.

That’s the philosophy behind Bay Area herbalists Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm’s new beauty line, Earth Tu Face. With a categorical knowledge of plant-based remedies, the duo has created lotions, scrubs and serums that don’t just sound pretty--they actually brighten and smooth your skin.

Buscho and Storm developed the products with herbs they literally grew in their backyard garden. All the ingredients are FDA-approved food-grade organic, so they’re safe enough to eat--unlike the majority of cosmetic-grade organic lines. The result? Bona fide skin salves like their anti-aging eye serum ($48 for 0.5 ounce), which harnesses the natural antioxidants and cell-regenerating properties in rose geranium and sea buckthorn.

The line is affordable ($28 to $62), and the planet-friendly packaging is made from 100 percent compostable material.

Getting gorgeous never felt so good.

November 14, 2012