Diane Elizabeth of the Skin Care Ox Demystifies Choosing an Effective Organic Moisturizer.

February 22, 2018

Do you know what makes a truly effective organic facial moisturizer? More so than having a formula that is free from irritating, pore clogging, and toxic ingredients (things like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEG compounds, mineral oils, petroleum byproducts, formaldehyde, synthetics, GMOs, ethoxylated ingredients and many other unwanted ingredients), a great moisturizer also has to be effective at hydrating and retaining moisture all day long. With so many so-called natural skin care brands out there, one would think that finding a moisturizer that fits this bill would be a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately, if you’ve ever shopped for an organic moisturizer before, then you know that finding an effective product can be a challenge.  

As the founder of Skin Care Ox, researching and testing hundreds of natural and organic brands is a big part of what I do. About a year ago, I set out on the task to find the very best organic + all-natural facial moisturizers on the market. All in all, I tested over 150 different products. I experienced breakouts, blackheads, and utter disappointment when overhyped products turned out to be nothing more than expensive skin destroyers.

One of my absolute favorite products from my experiment was Earth Tu Face’s Immortelle + Rose Face Balm. This magic jar of heaven literally saved my skin after months of irritation from testing other gnarly products! I took one look at its super pure list of organic ingredients and knew that this moisturizer was going to be unlike the others. To test, I used a very small amount immediately after cleansing and toning twice a day for two weeks.

There are two things that you should look for from an effective moisturizer: emollients and humectants. The Immortelle + Rose balm is packed with organic emollients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and safflower oil which help to lubricate the skin and protect against moisture loss. It also contains humectants like vegetable glycerin which draws moisture from the air and into the skins surface. The combination of these two qualities give this moisturizing balm the ability to keep your skin soft, supple, and dewy all-day long. I live in the ultra-dry mountains of Colorado, so experiencing all-day hydration from a product says a lot! I also give a ton of credit to the rose absolute and immortelle flowers for healing my skin from a bout of severe breakouts and redness caused by testing many not-so-great products. After a week, my skin was back to normal and then some. Additionally, my skin is usually pretty sensitive to coconut oil, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this balm formulation did not clog my pores at all.

After months of testing product after product, there was really no comparison to the effectiveness of this luxurious facial balm. I can say with confidence and through experience that the Immortelle + Rose balm truly has everything that a girl could need in an organic moisturizer.



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