C L E A N S E + T O N E

We all have to wash, but wouldn’t it be that much better if the soap we used was more thoughtfully made? Unlike drying, chemical-laden formulas that leave skin irritated and parched, our botanical wash gently removes impurities with saponified plant-based oils that are hand-picked for their nutritive properties for the skin. No added water means 1 pump is plenty to wash the day away, so this 8oz. bottle lasts and lasts. Bursts of pure bergamot essential oil helps heal damaged skin while uplifting the mood. Aloe replenishes to keep skin plumped and quenched even after washing.


Give your body a summery glow by exfoliating away dead skin cells and stimulating the lymphatic system to tighten and tone tired-looking skin. Our Salt Scrub is made by hand in our apothecary and combines exfoliating Dead Sea salt and nutrient-rich oils so that skin emerges scrubbed and hydrated rather than just rubbed raw. Use a handful in the shower for an invigorating scrub or a scoop in the bath for a mineral- rich soak. Organic cold-pressed safflower oil absorbs deeply into the dermis to moisturize skin on a cellular level. Pure sweet basil essential oil tones tissues and acts as a natural anti-depressant.


Elbows, knees, and toes need love too. ese spots are built for impact and have thicker skin that tends towards roughness. We recommend slathering on our Coconut + Cardamom Body Butter to deeply penetrate the dermis in these areas with moisture so they soften and shine. Virgin coconut oil and raw cocoa butter deeply hydrate cells while organic cardamom essential oil relieves muscle tension and acts as a natural antiseptic. Olive wax seals in moisture to keep skin glowing all day.

H E A L + S C E N T

In addition to giving results you can see and feel, we believe that bathing rituals and skincare routines should be pleasurable. With this in mind we created beautiful sustainable botanical perfumes with intoxicating scents and balmy textures ready to provide an antidote to life’s busy routines. Give yourself a little something extra and smooth on one of our solid perfumes to give you a boost and heal + prevent scarring all at once. We all deserve to take a little time to take care of ourselves.