Diane Elizabeth of the Skin Care Ox Demystifies Choosing an Effective Organic Moisturizer. February 22 2018

Do you know what makes a truly effective organic facial moisturizer? More so than having a formula that is free from irritating, pore clogging, and toxic ingredients, a great moisturizer also has to be effective at hydrating and retaining moisture all day long.


Itching for guidance on how to conquer winter complexion ills like chapped skin and dullness? Vogue has rounded up the best all-purpose salves in the biz — including our GERANIUM + VETIVER SKIN STICK — so you can rest a little easier and get your glow on before the sun officially returns this spring!

COSMOS Botanicals, has won two awards this year for it's Everywhere Salve! September 29 2017

We are thrilled to announce that our sister line, COSMOS Botanicals, has won two awards this year for it's Everywhere Salve! Firmly rooted in the principle that products should be as healing for the earth as they are for your body it is in a beautiful compostable paperboard stick​. If you haven't tried it already we promise you'll love it too...

New Lip Balm (Tea Tree + Rosewood) Jenni Kayne Collaboration July 01 2016

Read more about our new Lip Balm as published on Jenni Kayne's website.

Happy new year! Start 2016 off with these lovely resetting and realigning gems... January 26 2016

Thank you for including our SALT SCRUB in this beautiful line up:


Eight New Products to Reset Your Mind (and Body) This Year.. Read more here ...

Our NEW Rose + Geranium Lotion featured on Live The Process November 04 2015

MY NAME IS: Earth Tu Face X Jenni Kayne Rose + Geranium Lotion. Read more here...

Announcing our NEW ETF x Jenni Kayne Collaboration! October 08 2015

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration LOTION with Jenni Kayne! Read more here..

Our Skin Stick featured on NBC Live! Click to Watch August 24 2015

Our Skin Stick featured on NBC Live! Click to Watch

Why go Palm Oil Free? Click here to find out. August 20 2015

Why go Palm Oil Free? Click here to find out.

VIDEO: The Facts About What You are Putting on Your Face Each Day. Click to watch. August 13 2015

 11 Terrifying Facts About What You're Putting On Your Face.. see more here

VIDEO: California Native Plant Dye Workshop at Earth Tu Face. Click to watch. July 28 2015

Earthship + Celine Thibault

California Native Plant Dye Workshop

July 16th 6-8pm


After much success and buzz around their eCommerce business, Oakland-based natural luxury skincare line, Earth Tu Face, recently opened the doors to Earthshipthe brand’s new retail space and apothecary studio.  Read more here


How To: Coconut Honey Mask June 25 2015

This Coconut + Honey Hydrating Mask is a beautiful skin treatment that can be quickly whipped together, using fresh kitchen ingredients. Read more here.

How To: Lavender Whipped Body Oil June 23 2015

This is a recipe for an amazing summer body moisturizer that is easy to make at home. Read more here

Jenni Kayne Botanical Beauty Workshop with Earth Tu Face June 02 2015

Recently Sarah and Marina, the founders of Earth Tu Face, held a Botanical Beauty Workshop with the staff of Jenni Kayne. Read more here.

How to create an herbal hair rinse May 18 2015

Applying a vinegar rinse restores a healthy acid pH to the scalp and hair. As a natural cleaning agent, it also rinses out buildup, improving hair’s shine factor. READ MORE HERE.

Weeds As Food And Medicine March 16 2015

Sarah Buscho explains how Abundant, accessible and sustainable plants are often of the greatest value nutritionally, medicinally and topically

Rosemary: One of the major cancer preventing herbs January 10 2015

Want to feel a jolt of mental clarity without drinking an espresso? Try a cup of rosemary tea.

ETF Studio visit with Oakland shop GoodStock November 10 2014

See what Haley from GoodStock wrote about us during our Studio Visit!


Secret Toxic Chemicals November 05 2014

Spoof video of SC Johnson Family's double standards revealing ingredients to European but not US buyers, by Woman's Voices for the Earth.

holiDIY: Herbal Beauty Workshop November 03 2014

Click here to see some photos of the botanical beauty workshop we did at otherwild in LA.

How to: Green Herbal Pestos October 10 2014

I love having fresh pestos on hand. They can be made using a variety of leafy greens, not just basil. I make them with whatever is seasonally abundant and then freeze the extra to use in winter months. Click here to read more

Fennel as Food + Medicine August 14 2014

Fresh fennel is easy to find at many farmers market or grocery stores. Here in California, it grows wild all over the place! And every part of the plant can be used as food and medicine, including the seeds. Read the rest!

The Benefits of Face Oils August 05 2014

These days, face oils are all the rage, leading countless people to ask me how oils can possibly be good for the face. Click here to read more

Sunscreen, Simplified July 29 2014

Sunscreen use is at an all time high, as are new cases of skin cancer. If we’re all doing what our dermatologists tell us, and conscientiously using sunscreen, then what’s going on? Click here to read more. 

Jasmine Balm! July 23 2014

Click here to see more pictures! 

Harvesting Lavender July 08 2014

We are harvesting lavender here to make our Exfoliant Mask. Gently scrub your face with these flowers and let your skin soak in the healing properties! Click here to read more.

Jasmine, I'm Yours July 02 2014

I’ve been obsessed with jasmine flowers as long as I can remember.

Currently, I have an Arabian Jasmine plant in my bedroom and a Common Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) on my porch.


New Product Making May 22 2014

Check out photos from us making new products!


InStyle Features Our New Exfoliant Mask March 26 2014

Our brand new product, the Exfoliant Mask, is featured in the April issue of InStyle in an article that focuses on green beauty products. 

We hand-make this product using our garden-grown, organic flower petals. Read the full article and see a photo journal of our process here.

Spring Cleaning March 26 2014

Spring is the season for gentle cleansing and green nourishment. Just as we “spring clean” our houses we can detoxify gently and naturally by adding green vegetables and herbs into our diet. Consuming nutrient-rich, seasonal food is just what the body needs to stay in balance. Read the full article here.

Medicine: Chamomile Flowers February 27 2014

Chamomile is an amazing herb. While most of us are familiar with it as a non-caffeinated tea option, it is so much more. This underestimated little flower is actually a medicinal powerhouse, and has been long used in herbal medicine. Read the full article here.

Herbal Cold Remedies January 28 2014

With a head or chest cold, rest is the key to a speedy recovery. You deserve a break from work to help your body heal—and coworkers will be grateful to be spared exposure. And in addition to sleep, if you want to go a more natural medicinal route, herbal teas and baths can be extremely helpful. Read the full article here.

A Rose is a Rose January 22 2014

Many people think of roses as simply decorative or sweet smelling, but the flowers are actually used around the world in herbal medicine. Read the full article here.


How To: Burdock For Skin December 12 2013

Lately, my juicer has been working overtime. I’ve been trying new combinations of brightly colored plants each week, loving the energetic and nutritional boosts they bring... Read the full article here.

Wilder Quarterly Feature Article October 18 2013

We were recently featured in Wilder Quarterly where we created a garden plan for growing herbs for health and beauty.  Check out this awesome article here!

The Virtue of Peaches October 10 2013

Fresh, organic peaches are a wonderfully nutritious food. They are high in vitamins and nutrients like lycopene and beta carotene. The fruit is a perfect summer staple that we all know well but, as less people realize, the rest of the peach tree is also quite medicinal... Read the full article here.

Video: Blue Chamomile + Carrot Seed Face Serum August 28 2013

Joyus.com visited us at our organic herb garden to learn more about our Face Serum. Watch the video here

How to make a berry summer cordial (folk method). July 04 2013

A shrub native to the United States, elder (sambucus caerula) was thought by Native Americans to promote a long life and heal all illnesses. It is wonderful to make an elderberry cordial that will last for years, stored in lowlight in a pantry or fridge. Read the full article here.

The Story of Stuff April 30 2013

This has been the benchmark for us at Earth Tu Face. From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes...

Herbal & Natural beauty event - Venice March 19 2013

Cinnamon in winter months January 04 2013

Ever wondered why Cinnamon is a common flavoring, especially during the winter holidays? Beyond it’s pleasant taste in cider, mulled wine, cinnamon buns, or even breath mints this helpful bark is used in herbal medicine for digestive upsets of all kinds... Read the full article here.

Winter Wellness with Jessa Blades December 03 2012

Natural beauty maven, herbalist & make up artist Jessa Blades held a Winter Wellness Workshop this past Thursday, November 28th in Brooklyn, New York. The night included recipes for immunity boosting teas, herbs, tincture, syrups and essential oils. EARTH TU FACE was proud to be a sponsor for the evening along with WHOLE LIVING Magazine, Thumbs Cookies and Blades...

Earth Tu Face in the Surf Lodge November 26 2012

 NY this summer offering a limited edition collection of our products exclusively to guests of The Surf Lodge.

We are thrilled to be a part of Alexandra Cassaniti’s creative curation for the hotel. Alexandra (Artist, Designer, Surfer & Friend) brought on eco-minded, green & clean brands to make up the hotel guests’ amenities offering.

Sink side you can try our Palmarosa...