Our Values


Sustainability & Community

Inspired by the circular quality of ecosystems and the healing powers of plants, Earth Tu face is herbalist formulated skincare with sustainable packaging and the very best whole botanicals. With Earth’s precious resources in mind, our line has been free of chemical fillers, fragrances, and toxins since 2010. We believe in the centuries-old legacy of the natural world providing beautifying nutrients and that ultimately, what is good for the Earth, is good for us.

a sustainable approach to skincare

Ingredients + Sourcing

Minimizing our environmental impact informs all of our decisions. We consider the entire life cycle of each product. Every ingredient is hand selected for its curative properties, stable plant population, and impact on animal habitat. We avoid monocrops, endangered plants, and those that cause environmental harm. We still grow lavender, calendula, and roses with organic hand farming practices in our California garden to use in our face masks. We hand harvest, dry, and powder these fragrant flowers to impart their benefits to the skin. We source our other raw materials from responsible producers, as local as possible, many who use the same regenerative farming practices they have for centuries.

Packaging + Delivery

Our sustainable packaging pushes are ongoing. These include zero waste packaging like our paperboard tubes are made by hand (not by machines!) in the US from up to 90% recycled materials (80% post-consumer content) with no need for plastic or metal. The paper and glues used are free of harmful chemicals and are FDA compliant. Our healing balm is packaged in these beauties. We are transitioning away from plastic pumps, caps, and tops to metal closures. Where shipping is concerned, we are proud to be partnered with a woman-run fulfillment center in Southern California. We use biodegradable packing peanuts, cardboard wraps, and boxes made with post-consumer recycled materials to pack and ship our products.

Energy Efficiency

We make our products in very small batches, which reduces our footprint. Thirteen of our products are made by hand in our apothecary in Concord. Every product in our line with the exception of our Toning Mist (which contains rosewater) is free of water —which means our products are very stable with a minimum 3-year shelf-life, but it also means they are very concentrated because they have not been diluted. Our team consists of four women who care about the quality of each batch of products we make.

Certifications + Giving back

We are certified cruelty-free through the Leaping Bunny Program. We use many certified organic ingredients and also support small farms that do not have the means to certify. Find us on nontoxic databases such as Skin Deep and Leaf’d. We engage in multiple campaigns to support social and environmental advocacy each year.

Supporting Evolution

We are doing our best to be sustainable as a company and care about this planet we all call home. We are still learning and updating our processes as we go, as systems change, and as more sustainable options become available, we will continue to evolve and push our initiatives. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


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