December 12, 2018

Lately, our juicers have been working overtime. We’ve been trying new combinations of brightly colored plants each week, loving the energetic and nutritional boosts they bring.

In the meantime, one unexpected ingredient has become a standby: fresh burdock root.

Cream-colored and carrot-shaped, burdock is a root vegetable that can be pickled, sautéed, added to stews, marinated in salads or eaten plain. When you see it sold fresh in stores, it looks dark brown because it has a thick outer bark.

It naturally cleanses the liver, has noticeable mind-sharpening benefits, and the juice improves the look + texture of skin.

In herbal medicine, burdock, or gobo (arctium lappa) is a gentle but deep detoxifier for the liver, and it is seen as one of the best blood purifiers. Burdock is an element in remedies for many skin diseases too. It helps temper allergies, improve liver function and purify the blood, so it combats issues like acne, eczema or other irritations. Our resident herbalists are stamping it as essential in any skin-boosting diet.

Here’s what’s in our current favorite burdock-based green elixir, so you can try it at home:

  • 2 organic cucumbers
  • 3 organic celery stalks
  • ½ organic lemon, peeled
  • 1 organic head of romaine lettuce
  • 5 large handfuls of organic spinach
  • 1 piece of fresh organic turmeric or ginger root (about 1 square inch)
  • 2 fresh organic burdock roots

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