January 27, 2021

We are loving the lounge-y trends these days. Since we are in the business of cultivating skin that you can roll out of bed with first thing in the morning, streamlined rituals and routines are our jam. With all of the problems in the world to tackle, we don’t think your skin should be one of them. Feed your skin building blocks and it will have what it needs to repair and glow on its own. Our line is meant to help reduce the amount of time spent prepping daily. Wash and wear is where it’s at. Here is our essential flow for face and neck. It can be used as a guide for those with normal, combination, or dry skin, so everyone can reboot + maintain that glow!

Face Wash - Cleanse + Restore

Our Face Wash is the eternal first step towards better skin. Unlike drying, chemical-laden formulas that leave skin irritated and parched, our botanical wash gently removes impurities with saponified plant-based oils that are hand-picked for their nutritive properties. No added water means 1/2-1 pump is plenty to wash the day away — so this small bottle lasts 6-8 months. Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang are skin normalizers which naturally regulate oil levels. Aloe replenishes to keep skin plumped and quenched even after washing.

Toning Mist - Tone + Replenish

Mist up with Rose + Aloe Toning Mist to prep skin for maximum hydration. Using a botanical mist ensures tissues are drenched with moisture and gives them the best chance of retaining a plump and happy hydration level all day. Unlike other face mists, which are mostly water and fragrances, ours is pure botanical goodness. We hand-blend rosewater, witch hazel, whole leaf aloe juice, and the essential oils of rose, geranium, and lavender to create a fine spray that balances skin's natural pH and replenishes tissues. The plant powerhouses contained in this spray naturally calm redness, refresh dullness, and rejuvenate skin with the essential nutrients it needs to glow.

Face Serum - Balance + Feed

Developed as a nutritive serum for the face, this face oil is excellent as a botanically-rich layer of hydration on its own or mixed with makeup for a one-two punch of plant medicine and dewy texture. Blue Chamomile brings down inflammation to even the skin tone, while Carrot Seed oil feeds skin cells essential nutrients and spurs healing. Use as your main moisturizer in warmer climates or when skin is producing more oil during hormonal changes or breakouts. 2-6 drops after washing, or on a clean dry face will do the trick!

Face Balm - Hydrate + Repair

Like a face oil on steroids, this balm will hydrate, feed, and resurface your skin. No added water or fillers means epic potency and that this formula will not sit on top of skin, but will instead penetrate deeply to the cellular level. Pure Rose Absolute cools redness and irritation while sesame detoxifies and nourishes. Australian Sandalwood and Immortelle oil combat free radical activity helping to soften lines and prevent scar formation. Incredible as a night cream, yet suitable for everyday use, you'll never find us without this powerful skin elixir. One tiny finger swipe is all you need!

Treatment Serum - Treat + Brighten

With a higher botanical concentration than our Face Serum, this is a truly powerful formula built for targeted treatment. Gentle enough for the delicate eye area, it excels as an eye makeup remover. Wipe away concealer, liner, mascara, and shadow, then leave the residual botanical oils to brighten and treat damaged cells. Sea Buckthorn essential oil gives this serum its tangerine color and plumps skin with the help of its high levels of omega fatty acids — including rare omega-7. Use 2-4 drops under eyes or all over the face to reap the benefits and keep skin glowing!

Try Them All in Our Mini Set!

Mini Set - Essential Products for Face

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