A Rose is a Rose

Many people think of roses as simply decorative or sweet smelling, but the flowers are actually used around the world in herbal medicine. 

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How To: Burdock For Skin

Lately, my juicer has been working overtime. I’ve been trying new combinations of brightly colored plants each week, loving the energetic and nutritional boosts they bring.

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The Virtue of Peaches

Fresh, organic peaches are a wonderfully nutritious food. They are high in vitamins and nutrients like lycopene and beta carotene. The fruit is a perfect summer staple that we all know well but, as less people realize, the rest of the peach tree is also quite medicinal.

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How to make a berry summer cordial (folk method)

A shrub native to the United States, elder (sambucus caerula) was thought by Native Americans to promote a long life and heal all illnesses. It is wonderful to make an elderberry cordial that will last for years, stored in lowlight in a pantry or fridge. 

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Cinnamon in winter months

Ever wondered why Cinnamon is a common flavoring, especially during the winter holidays? Beyond it’s pleasant taste in cider, mulled wine, cinnamon buns, or even breath mints this helpful bark is used in herbal medicine for digestive upsets of all kinds.

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Ways to Reuse your empty ETF Packaging

We believe everything produced should be beautiful & functional. This holds true for all Earth tu Face packaging. We use glass that can be repurposed, (our labels peel off easily and can hold spices, herbs, jewelry after your Earth tu Face product is gone), recycled or even composted.

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